Sunday, November 1, 2009

Swimming Day

Sunny day this morning, woke up in the morning preparing for swimming at 10am....the session ended til 12:30pm...

Afterward, was heading to Upp Thomson Road for our lunch! Well roasted duck " wanton mee" and Malaysia Style " yong tau fu", nice dumpling with black fungus and chesnut as part of ingredient. yummy!!

Again..i am falling in love with upper pierce reservoir...haha...making fun with the monkeys..this time i am able to capture male and female monkeys...I have been visited the place about 3 times a month.


Everytime coming here to visit them, i feel relief...their freedom, care-free lifestyles, and not bonding with material's desires...
The natural environment really refreshing! It's Singapore motto " Green and Clean"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Step one in achieving my dream

Recently i was offered as a Marcom Executive in F&B industry which requires me to work on weekend whereby everyone else is off.. The only thing I would miss is church on Saturday, but I will be doing work unto the Lord and I will be able to go to bible study on Wednesday night.

It really pulled me out from my comfort zone, already used to be 5 day work week, rest on Sat & Sun but now got to work when people are resting adn enjoying their weekend with family and fren...

However, this is the job that i long for, which working closely and associate with clients that are often demanding and difficult to work with ( as a PR - managing communications between company and clients ). Excellent communication skills and good presentation ability are essential to succeed in the industry. i got to be even more persuasive and flexible in order to win hearts and secure my career.

10 years down the road, as i planning to go back Malaysia, i'll be getting opportunities to work on global campaigns. Many companies are expanding worldwide increasing global career options in the industry.

Spending 2 and half years in Singapore of doing different industry task, how times flies. Once i had this situation for another 3 times, i am heading towards the new year again, which means i am getting older again. i am cant afford to waste any time in hopping adn selecting. I must get into an industry that i most familiar with and grow within....

Yes...i can do it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Deeper in Love with You

When things doesn't seems well in your life will you still be as positive as usual and praising God as Job did? Perhaps Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen to Good People? We have no idea...unexplainable...we don't know.
but i believe God is incharging of all things and without HIS permission nothing can happpen in my life.
This is my favourite song that enables me to express my love to God when i feel dry and depressed. A simply song yet it carries assurance and affirmation into my life!

One thing that i desire in my life, Lord
To thirst and hunger after you alone
with all my heart and soul, with all my strength and love
To worship as your glory fills this place

Deeper in love with you, deeper in love with you
I love you more than anything in life
Deeper in love with you, deeper in love with you i love you Lord...

i, Me, Myself......

I was thinking how should i start my blog?? I have too many ideas and thoughts popped in my minds...So What do i put on my (to be started) blog" ? How should i write my blog? Nothing on the screen...

Have been editing, deleting and typing..........

This is my final publication....Something i feel comfortable with and meaningful, hope it's edifying.

About my testimony:
A broken family Tree, which i am like one of many small branches of a broken tree, always looking to the one above. For guidance, strength and security...but it can only longging, waiting for this day to come.
i was aggressive, rebellious and broken hearted ( Holding lot of grudges and hatres ) a tremendously traumatic and painful experience of childhood.

Till i met Christ, a real transformation in my lives. . a positive, self-motivated and cheerful girl bringing loves to her surrounded friends.
i see light & my future...He's guiding, protecting and carrying me through the shadow of valley, all storms and rain everytime in all circumstances..isn't he's good and loving all the time??

I am overcoming bitterness and living in the glory of God!